Made 2 Measure Long Island by John Matthew Apparel, LLC

  • Please understand that inventory is constantly moving and some items presented within a collection may be unavailable. Our recommendation is to make a few selections in the event a fabric is Sold Out
  • JMA has hundreds of fabrics that are available to view in person  

Some of Our Brands



This collection is First Come, First Serve. Premier Level material discounted while supply lasts.

Formal Wear: All Levels

This collection represents more than 60 options fabricated from wool, velvet, mohair, cotton and blends. 

Any fabric is available with formal treatment but this is where you want to start.

Outerwear: All Levels

Composition: Wool / Cashmere / Wool Blends     Weight (g/m): 330 gms - 800 gms    Seasonality: Fall / Winter

Custom Trousers: All Levels

Every fabric can be used as a trouser. Here are just a few that work specifically as a trouser for every need.

Custom Shirts: Exclusive Luxe

Price Codes: Z2-Z9

Custom Shirts: Ultra Fine

Price Codes: S3, S4, S5, N8, N9 

Also: Soktas Bespoke, Soktas Meander, Perennial Dress and Solids